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I don’t put the portrait prints on much merchandise but if there is a product you would like to get with one of these prints on it let me know.

A paper stencil screen print self portrait.

Chris Turner, Artist This is paper stencil screen print of Chris Turner the very talented artist who teaches at the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind.


Bruce Helgeson musician
A paper stencil screen print m of Bruce Helgeson the Jazz Musician and guitar teacher. Check his site
Nelson Mabndrell, Musician Nelson is a professor of music . He teaches song writing.
Jesse James, Musician
Jesse is a composer. He has many credits to his name having composed for video games and for Furman Univeristy. He also Conducted the strings section of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra for
Destiny 2.
Diana James artist in photography
Charles Wentworth, writer