Zao Ping is from the year 3010. He is an expatriate from communist China living in Jarea (Future history books say that Jarea was formed when the corporations of Korea and Japan became such world leaders and so intertwined that families identified as Jarean and eventually the countries combined.) Zao Ping works in wire sculpture and watercolors. His work combines western and eastern sensibilities and techniques.

A Camel drinks from the River
Copper wire approx. 15 inches


Sole Survivor Mourning at the Family Graves
Copper Wire approx.
11 inches web


Woman Contemplationg a Puddle

Copper wire approx. 5 1/2 “]

Teaching a Young Child
Copper Wire approx. 7″

Copper Wire approx. 4 inches

Man contemplating a puddle
Copper wire approx. 6 inches

I stand By You But Do Not See You
Copper wire approx. 8 inches

Husband and Wife
copper wire approx.
10 inches

Horses Run Free
Copper wire 12 inches

Grandmother Smells Her Soup
Copper wire approx. 7 inches

Copper wire approx.
7 inches

A Dog Will Lick You
Copper wire approx. 6 inches